At present, who is in charge of the Student Disciplinary Board (SDB) and the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI)?

Both committees are being headed by the University Chief Legal Counsel Atty. Joanna Marie Liao. If you have questions regarding the case you have filed or you are contemplating on filing a complaint, you may send inquiries via email at or call 8335-1777 local 220/396.

Review of Contracts, Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), and other Legal Documents

  1. The request for review of contracts, MOA and other legal documents must be coursed through the Department Chairperson or the College Dean for initial review/endorsement and for document tracking (CTS).
  2. The concerned department/college shall forward the request to the Legal Office by physically transmitting the document or by sending an electronic copy to B.
  3. Upon review of the contract/MOA/document, the Legal Office shall send it back to the requesting department/college.
  4. You may follow up on your request by sending inquiries via email at or calling 8335-1777 local 220/396