Requesting for a Medical Clearance or Certificate

  1. Go to the PUP Website and click “Downloadable Forms” for “Students”.
  2. Download “Health Information Sheet for Students”.
  3. Fill out the form and do not leave questions unanswered.
  4. Email the duly accomplished form to on your date of enrollment with either of the following subjects:
    a.    For incoming PUP students: “Freshmen Student for Medical Clearance / Certificate”
    b.    For transferees to PUP: “Transferring Student for Medical Clearance / Certificate”
    c.    For students seeking re-admission: “Returning Student for Medical Clearance / Certificate”
          (Note: this is only applicable for students whose reasons for stopping is NOT due to any
          ailment, sickness, or medical condition).
  5. For students whose reasons of stopping is due to any ailment, sickness, or medical condition, complete the same Health Information Sheet Form, and email these with the same subject (“Returning Student for Medical Clearance / Certificate”) alongside the medical certificate from your physician indicating you are “Fit to return to school” and other medical recommendations, if applicable.
  6. Medical certificates will be sent to your emails within two (2) days upon submission. Otherwise, you may call our landline for follow-up and verification.
  7. For satellite branches and campuses, kindly contact your medical clinic for further instructions.
  8. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, examination and chest x-ray and other requirements if needed are temporarily deferred until further notice.