Applying for Other Scholarships or Financial Assistance

  1. Students are allowed to receive only one (1) scholarship benefit or financial assistance.
  2. When applying for scholarship or financial assistance, the student must be presently enrolled and must prepare copies of the following documents:
    a.    Copy of of registration card;
    b.    Copy of grades;
    c.    Good moral certificate; and,
    d.    Proof of annual income of the family
  3. Student applicants must have must have a general weighted average and grade per subject of 2.25 or better and without a grade of INC, D or Dropped, W or Withdrawn and F or Failed.
  4. Some scholarship grantors are strict in evaluating the estimated annual income. For students who intend to avail for scholarship, the best estimate is P300,000.00 per year.
  5. Grantors have various forms of releasing allowances. Some release it personally while others let the University process the release of allowances through Landbank ATM.