Transferring to PUP

Transferring within the PUP System

  1. A student seeking transfer from a PUP branch/campus to another branch/campus within the PUP System may be admitted depending on the availability of slots.
  2. The student must:
    a.    have a recommendation from the Director of the branch where he/she came from;
    b.    have completed at least two (2) semesters;
    c.    have no failing grade, dropped and withdrawn mark in any academic subject;
    d.    have met the college academic course/program requirements; and
    e.    have submitted the following requirement to the Admission Services:
           i.    Transfer Credential/Honorable Dismissal
           ii.    Certification of Grades/Transcript of Records for evaluation purposes
           iii.    Receipt of Admission Fee payment
           iv.    PSA Copy of Birth Certificate
           v.    Receipt of Admission fee payment, and
           vi.    Curriculum sheet

Transferring from another School

  1. A student seeking transfer from another school or university to PUP may be admitted, subject to the availability of slots and upon approval of the University President or his duly authorized representative.
  2. The student must:
    a.       have passed the psychological test;
    b.       have completed two (2) semesters or one (1) year (equivalent to 36 units only) for the last two
              (2) years in any four- or five-year program/degree/course in the school/university where he/she came from;
    c.       have a weighted average of 2.0 or better with no failed, dropped or withdrawn subjects
    d.       have met the college academic program/course requirements;
    e.       have submitted the following requirements:
    f.        Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials
    g.       Transcript of Records
    h.       Certification of good moral character with school/university dry seal
    i.        Course/Subject Description taken from other school/university
    j.        PSA Copy of Birth Certificate
    k.       Medical Clearance from the University Clinic
    l.        two (2) pcs. 2x2 picture with name tag
    m.      Receipt of Admission fee payment, and
    n.       Curriculum sheet
  3. Accreditation of Subjects - The subjects taken by a transferee from another school, which may be considered as reasonable equivalents of subjects in the University curriculum shall be given credit, subject to validation and approval by the Dean/Director concerned, and the University Registrar.
  4. Admission Certificate - The transferring student will be issued by the Admission Services the corresponding admission certificate to be used for enrollment purposes.