Claiming your e-Permit

  1. Go to PUP iApply and click “Claim Permit.”
  2. Enter the required information and click “Submit.”
  3. After clicking “Submit,” you may encounter either of the following messages from the system:
    a.    Application Successful - If you see this message, click “Download ePermit”. Click “Save” or “Open”
           when your browser asks you. This will download your ePermit. Print your ePermit in color.
    b.    Problem with your Photo - If you see this message, the photo you uploaded did not meet the
           proper and required format (please read the Guidelines for ePermit Photo for more information).
           Scan a new photo with the correct format and click the “Upload Photo” button. This will upload
           your new photo to the system, which will be reviewed by an Admission Officer. Please allow three
           to five (3-5) workdays for photo validation. After 3-5 workdays, proceed to Step 1 of the Claim
           ePermit step.