Applying Online

  1. Before applying online, make sure you have already prepared a 2x2 inch colored photo with name tag, saved as JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg; file size should not be more than 300kb) in your computer, flash drive, or device.
  2. Go to PUP iApply for PUPCET page (College Entrance Test (PUPCET)) and read all the information provided.
  3. Click “Apply Now.”
  4. Read the service agreement and click the “I have read…” button to begin your application.
  5. Click the “PUPCET” icon and answer the pre-application questionnaire to determine if you qualify for PUPCET. After this, click “Next.”
  6. Fill out the online form. Type and/or select the required information, then click “Next.” You will be redirected to a page where you need to verify all the information provided in the form.
    a.    Make sure that all the information you have provided are correctly spelled. Your name and date
           of birth should be consistent with the information indicated in your PSA copy of birth certificate.
    b.    Ensure that the email address provided is active and correct.
    c.    Any misrepresentations (i.e. giving false/incorrect information) in your application will automatically invalidate your admission to the University.
  7. If the information provided has been duly reviewed and correct, read the service agreement and conform by checking the “Yes, I have read and understood…” box.        Enter your complete name in the “Digital Signature” box and type the characters provided in the “Digital Security Code” to complete your application.
  8. Should you need to revise your application, click “Make Changes.” Otherwise, click “Next” to finally submit your application.
  9. After submission of your registration, you will receive your ePermit after five (5) working days.
  10. Please save your Reference Number.