How do I claim the documents I applied for?

  1. Log in your ODRS account. You will receive an update from the OUR on the date and time of pickup for your requested document/s .
  2. Alternatively, you may check your email for an update on the date and time of pickup for your requested document/s.
  3. On the appointed date, please proceed to the Claiming Section of the Office of the University Registrar located at the South Wing Ground Floor of the Main Building.
  4. Provide a copy of your valid ID.
  5. When claiming for a third party,.
    • If the claimant is a member of the immediate family (parents, siblings, spouse, children), submit a signed letter of authorization with an original valid ID card with picture of the owner of the document/s and the representative, photocopy of the  PSA Birth Certificate for siblings and children and marriage contract for the spouse.
    • If the claimant is other than the immediate family, submit a Special Power of Attorney from the student concerned, duly notarized in the place/country of residence with two valid ID card with picture.