Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Services offered:

  1. Endorsement of Liquidation Report for Reimbursement from Grantor
  2. Issuance of Certification of Scholarship
  3. Processing of Application for Financial Aid - Student Assistantship
  4. Processing of Application for Financial Aid - UCCA Artists Financial Assistance
  5. Processing of Scholarship Application - Entrance Scholarship
  6. Processing of Scholarship Application - Resident Scholarship
  7. Processing of Scholarship Application - Special Grants
  8. Scheduling of Exploratory Meeting with Possible Scholarship Grantor
  9. Tagging in SIS Account of Graduate School students of selected municipality and other government agencies for billing of academic related expenses
  10. Tagging in SIS Account of Laboratory High School Full Merit and Half Merit Awardees for tuition fee discount11.   Tagging of Scholars in Student Information System

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