College of Law Services

Services offered:

1.       Approval of requests/ Completion/ Withdrawal/ Overload
2.       Assistance in Applying for the Bar
3.       Certification/s, Enrollment/ Tagging of subjects
4.       Issuing of Bar Review Certificates
5.       Processing of Admission and Tagging of Credentials
6.       Processing of Application for PUP College of Law Entrance Examination (PUP CLEE)
7.       Processing of Request for (Authentication/ Certified Copy of School Records, Company/Agency Verification of School Records
8.       Requirement for Bar Admission Requirements
9.       Transcript of Records
10.   Transfer Credentials/ Honorable Dismissal
11.   Transcript of Records with Remarks ―Copy For Certified Copy of Undergraduate Transcript of Records and Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to Law School (C1))
12.   Processing of Requests for Refund

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