Nothing appears on the monitor

  • Make sure both the computer and monitor are on.
  • Make sure the monitor is securely plugged into the computer.
  • Make sure the power cable is firmly plugged into the monitor.
  • Some computers have multiple display ports, so make sure you have plugged the monitor into the correct one. Try each one in turn, switching the monitor off then on in between moves.
  • Most monitors have a status window displayed when you turn it on. Check if you can see this status window when you press the power button on the monitor. You can also try this with the menu button on the monitor, which should bring up an options menu on the screen. This shows the screen is working ok, so it may be an issue with the video cable from the monitor or the machine itself.
  • Check the brightness & contrast levels of the monitor via the menu button, to make sure it has not been set too dark.
  • Move the mouse and press any key on the keyboard to make sure the screensaver hasn't activated or that the computer hasn't gone into standby/hibernation mode.