Can’t get on to the network, Internet, SIS?

  • Check to see if anyone else around you is having a similar problem. If so, there may be a service network outage affecting a wider area than just you.
  • Check to make sure the network cable is connected to both the computer and the wall jack.
  • Are you using the appropriate username and password?
  • Check where the network cable connection is made to the back of the computer, you should   see a little green light right where the cable connects.  If the light isn’t on or flashing, then you are not getting a signal to the computer.  If rebooting doesn’t fix it, contact Technical Support.
  • If you are using a wireless computer/laptop, check to make sure the wireless is turned on.    There should be a blue light indicating the wireless is on, or you can look at the small icons at the bottom in the task bar and see if a wireless network is connected.